Bay City is a United States coastal metropolis of glass, concrete, and steel of Gothic art deco design. The foggy, dark streets illuminated by gaudy neon signs of adverts and seedy bars. The polluted overcast gray-black sky drizzles a miserable stinging rain. Fantastic airplanes and their daring pilots zip through the skyscrapers canyons while zeppelin watch the streets below with powerful spotlights the streetwise greasers as they race chrome-plated diesel powered hot rods. The rich and powerful have turned their backs on their fellow man following the objectivist philosophy of the virtue of selfishness. One the main organizations propelling this is Atlas. Further exemplified of gods and clods with discovery of genetic splicing allowing those who can afford it super human powers. This concept has bled over into politics and combined with the paranoid fear of the Red Menace of communism has turn the government nearly all levels into a figurehead at best, a puppet state at worst. In the dark alleys and unseen caves and tunnels under the city, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures skulk growing more bold. The gauntlet between our world and that of the Neverborn, also known as the Primordials, the Titans, and the Old Ones is weaken one black magik spell at a time. The gauntlet that imprisons the Neverborn becomes so thin at times that their spawn can cross over into our dimension to further their dark masters’ plots and wreak havoc. Paganism has seen a revival and the Norse and Egyptian pantheons are the major religions of the industrialized world. While the gods themselves no longer wander Earth, their chosen exalted and scions perform their will in their absence. The hero Archetypes of this dark world may come from many strange and fantastic walks of life: Hard-Boiled Detectives, High Octane Street Racers, Sexy Femme Fatales, Sly Cat Burglars, Masked Avengers, Half Mad Splicers, Crazed Gadgeteers, Mysterious Witches and Wizards, Psychic Investigators, Slick Grifters, Daring Airplane Pilots, even the God-Exalted. All trying to make a difference even if making the world a better place is only holding off the forces of darkness for one rare sunrise. To do so will take moxie, some legwork as well as Blood, Sweat, Diesel & Magik.

Blood, Sweat, Diesel & Magik

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