Taggard, Diana

Head of Atlas


She is the current head of Atlas. She was a railroad heiress that became disolutioned with how business was conducted when she co-operated with her brother, Nathan Taggard, the Taggard Railroad. Like many businessmen at the time, her brother was more interested in making connections with other captains of industry and the government rather than make the best railroad and from that make the largest profit. She encountered John Altas who swept her off her feet in a whirlwind romance before she could divorce her current husband Andrew. She could have resist the man’s intellect and handsomeness and the two created Atlas to change the American culture to their vision. Before John and Dianna could finish they work, John was arrested by the United States government and was force in front of Congress where he gave his famous speech on Objectism. He was never heard from or seen again after the trial. Dianna spent nearly a million dollars attempting to learn what happened to Joe Atlas, but has not discovered anything.

Currently, she lives in Bay City as President and CEO of Atlas and Taggart Industries, a mufti-national corporation with interests in manufacturing, transportation, and pharmaceuticals. She rarely makes public appearances do to the number of would-be assassins.

Taggard, Diana

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