Matherson, Cordelia


She is an incredibly attractive woman who seems to have unlimited energy. She likes her lively blonde hair short and wild but beautiful. He deep blue eyes shine wildly with a gleam of intense intelligence. She wears clothing that tends to be easy to move in those still shows off her lovely figure.
Role Playing Hints: While she is basically a good person, her lack of experience around other people makes her seem some what demanding and her desire to see the world makes her impatient.
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Ht: 5’10” Wt: 120 lb Age: 28


scientific adventurer/explorer reminiscent of the Pulp or Victorian age. As a young child she was kidnapped from her family and raised by an Evil Genius who kept her as a slave and assistant. Unable to explore the world she turned to reading her captor’s vast library. As she grew up, her longing to explore the world like the heroes in books she had read became too great and she devised an escape plan. Now free to see the world first hand she uses her vast knowledge to discover ancient ruins or stop further evil while seeking to reunite with her original family.

Matherson, Cordelia

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