Meers, Angelica


Dr. Angelica Meers is an attractive, but not stunning woman with a very haunted look about her. Her generally anti-social profession and tendency to drink more than she should usually means that she has a somewhat unkempt appearance. It is not uncommon to see her in casual, wrinkled clothing with her long blonde hair styled to resemble a tangled mop.

Quote: “I don’t care what the statistics say, this stuff is dangerous. People could get hurt and I won’t be a party to it. Look, I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow. Right now, I need a drink.”

Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Ht: 5’6” Wt: 120 lb Age: 36


Dr. Angelica Meers had a fascination with science since she was a little girl. When the other children were out playing, she was already reading about the nature of energy and matter. Her parents worried about her ability to succeed in such a male dominated field but by the time she had graduated from high school there was little doubt that Angelica’s passion and ability for her work would overcome any prejudice she might encounter. Well that was the plan anyway.
Upon reaching college, Angelica quickly discovered that her dream of being the next Marie Currie was not going to come easy. She soon realized that public recognition for her work was unlikely and the only people who seemed interested in her talents were the military. She had reservations about working as a researcher for the military, but the chance to have the funding and opportunities to pursue her dreams soon overcame her reservations. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long.
No one is sure what happened during her time working for the War Department, but a few years after she took the job, Angelica came to the city, minus one government contract and with a strong reluctance to pursue scientific investigations of questionable morality and a moderate tendency to drown her sorrows in a bottle. Since that time, Dr. Meers has been working as a researcher for a small chemical firm in the city and keeping herself company with a fifth of gin.

Meers, Angelica

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