Trick, Sisko


He is a flamboyant overconfident black man with an anachronism for the 1970s. Often found in a dark colored leisure suit and platform shoes with a hefty jewel tipped back lacquered cane he very much acts the part of a player and a pimp. Despite his dress, Sisko is a very shrewd business man even for his clan. He is almost never caught without a few ladies on his arm and his silent bodyguard Brian Bogart.

Role Playing Hints: He is a vast information network unto himself. He always has the information the person is looking for, but wants to slowly make them reliant on him for it. He will always offer anything for a favor to be named later.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Gold Ht: 5’11” Wt: 175 lb Age: 31


Mr. Trick is one of oddest and most mysterious of the creatures in the world. Well known in the underworld as a man that can get anything and a primarily a dealer of drugs and women. Despite his odd mannerisms he has never been caught nor prosecuted with anything.

Trick, Sisko

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