Rocket Pack


Pace: 50,* Acc:* 20 Climb: 20 Fuel: Diesel 3 hours operation time Max Weight: 300 lbs

Rocketpacks require Piloting rolls to start and operate as well as any maneuvers the user may make in air.


Despite the tale told of inventors at the turn of the century claiming that some mad scientists had invented steam powered jet packs, the first documented use of a working rocket pack was during the War by the enemy. The recovered films showed test pilots attempting to harness and control the packs, often is disastrous results. The first known successful use of a rocket pack occurred outside of Bay City at now named Secord Airport toward the end of the war. The test pilot was Cliff Secord a barnstorming stunt pilot who volunteered to test out the invention of Dr. Peevy.

While many gadgeteers insist on their own personal design, most rocket pack still follow Dr. Peevy’s original design.

Rocket Pack

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