The heroes in his world come from the classic pulp magazine/noir detective comics of the 1930s through 1950s. They are tough, cynical men and women of exceptional willpower and cleverness but ultimately forces of good in a gray and black world. Here is a sample of character archetypes to help create your character.

Academic Occult Investigator
Many times the fate of the world rests in the hands of common people. The college professor, student, or librarian who uncovers the sinister natural of the occult. Their minds become their weapons and their librarians their armor.
Recommended: Guts, Investigate, Know: Occult, Notice, Scholar Edge

Cocky Rock n’ Roller
Science has led to the invention of new electric versions of many instruments and many musicians see this as the future of popular music call rock and roll. Rock and roll is a lifestyle that pushes against the button down world and adventure is part of this avant-garde art form. Rock n’ Rollers have access to places few even known exist.
Recommended: Guts, Persuasion, Streetwise, Attractive Edge, Contacts Edge

Daring Airplane Pilot
Some folk were born to fly they just took the idea as natural as a duck to water. Others served in the war and proved themselves the Aces of the sky. The modern-day knight zooming over the heads of the common ground troops raining down lances of fiery lead. Today a good pilot can get work as a courier, zeppelin guard, observer, even chauffeur to the wealthy.
Recommended: Guts, Piloting, Shooting, Ace Edge,

Enigmatic Masked Avenger
Most people have it rough living in fear of crime and worst. The police often times just don’t have the manpower to help. Some folk stand up for the little guy wearing a mask and costume to fight crime and evil in all its forms. Many utilize strange inventions to keep themselves one step ahead of their foe. While others use psychic powers they developed while in the Orient.
Recommended: Fighting, Guts, Shooting, Either Arcane Background: Psionic or Weird Science

Errant G-Man
The United States government is weaker than it has ever been. While the country as a whole prospers the power of the Federal government has been handed over to the capitalistic free market to decide what is best. The F.B.I., C.I.A., and the Agency still have G-men to investigate and gather intelligence. Some agencies have place their agents deep uncover or given them wide latitude of autonomy to do what they think is best for the country. However, this freedom comes at the cost of backing, the agent is expected to solve problems on their own and keep plausible deniability if thing go bad.
Recommended: Guts, Intimidate, Investigate, Notice, Shooting, Streetwise, Investigator Edge

Hard-Boiled Detective
With many police departments forced to cut back on manpower from the steadily dwindling revenue collected many people have turned to the private investigators to get justice. These gumshoes often work in the morally gray area between law and crime. Of course living between two worlds is a tough gig. The police see you as a civilian muscling in on their job, and the regular joes view you as a cop without the badge.
Recommended: Guts, Investigate, Notice, Streetwise, Investigator Edge

Intrepid Reporter
Some people think to be a good reporter you just need a notebook and a nosy disposition, but for the true reporter you need to be willing to put yourself in the thick of it to get the scoop. These men and women want the general public to be aware of the troubles that plague the world.
Recommended: Guts, Investigate, Persuasion, Taunt, Strong Willed Edge

Tough-as-Nails War Veteran
The War scarred and destroyed a lot of good men and women. There were things that troops saw that no person should witness, weird and terrible modern weapons of war and dark, unnatural things that fed on pain and misery. Some came back only to find they couldn’t go home, not after what they experienced. They make a living at the only thing they were good at killing and surviving.
Recommended: Fighting, Guts, Shooting, Survival, Rock and Roll Edge

Red Lining Street Racer
These people have diesel fuel in their blood. They live one quarter mile at a time. The build outrageous hot rods cover in chrome and painted flames to race them on the empty, narrow streets of Bay City. Many are greasers and street toughs with a knack for machines.
Recommended: Driving, Guts, Repair, Trademark Vehicle Edge

Sly Cat Burglar
These criminals steal mostly from the most secure, wealthiest people putting forward the notion if you can’t protect it you don’t deserve to keep it. Most use their larcenous skills for profit, but a few perform feats of skulduggery simply for the thrill and challenge of it.
Recommended: Climbing, Guts, Lockpicking, Stealth, Thief Edge

Arcane Background Archetypes
These are the archetypes that use the Arcane Background Edge in this setting. Few know much about this type of people and in the cause of magic users, many are feared even if they are allowed to practice their dark arts.




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