New Edges

Arcane Background: Magic
Characters with this Edge may cast magical spells from ancient tomes. To cast a spell they roll their Spell casting skill. This skill is not tied to Smarts and costs two points per step to increase it.
The spells do not use power points, but they cause a sort of mystical drain to the area they are casted. Every time the same power (regardless of the trappings) all spells of similar power have a -1 cumulative penalty. Example: Johnny Wing casts Flaming Magic Stars (Bolt), any other Black Magic User now has a -1 penalty to cast the bolt power even if it isn’t Flaming Magic Stars. This effect lasts roughly 24 hours and is approximately the size of a large burst template that increases the more times similar magic is cast. This is due to the arcane energies that cast that magic have been temporally depleted and must recharge to have the same effect. A roll of a 1 on Spell casting (regardless of Wild Die) increases the penalty to all magic powers by 1.

Arcane Background: Splicing
These are people who have opted to have their genetic code rewritten. The process is incredibly expensive and can be dangerous as the human psyche begins to become warped from multiple procedures. This background works like the super powers arcane background. After the first power, the character suffers a psychological effect. The Game Master has more information on that. Splicer powers are bought up as individual skills representing a combination of practice wielding them as well as additional treatments of gene splicing.

Arcane Background: Weird Science
This background works like the Weird Science background except that power points are replaced with fuel/energy typically diesel or electricity. One power point is roughly equalivent to a quarter of a gallon of diesel.

Accurate Attack
Requirements: Heroic, Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting d10+
When making a Called Shot or your target has Cover, you ignore 2 points of penalties. This Edge either applies to Fighting, Throwing, or Shooting attacks, but may be taken up to three times, applying to each kind of attack separately.

Anyone Else Want To Negotiate?
Requirements: Seasoned, Taunt/Intimidate d8
People tend to take your words more seriously when you’ve just killed someone. Whenever this character incapacitates someone with an attack, he may immediately perform a test of will against a nearby enemy without the multi-action penalty.

Bear Hug
Requirements: Seasoned, Grappler
Once you have an opponent, you know how best to apply pressure. If you succeed at the opposed roll to do damage, you do Str+d6 damage.

Bewildering Warrior
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Fighting d8+
You have learned to throw your opponents off with your unpredictable behavior in combat. You gain a +2 bonus to Smarts-based Tricks. You also gain a +1 to Parry as long as your opponent does not have animal intelligence (A); animals don’t have the same innate expectations. You do still gain the bonus versus animals with a Smarts-based Trick which is presumed to be suited to them.

Blind Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Notice d8+
You’ve learned to rely on senses other than sight. As long as the objective isn’t purely visual (such as reading a sign), you ignore 2 points of Darkness or vision penalties.

Improved Blind Fighting
Requirements: Veteran, Heightened Senses
You can function without sight perfectly fine. As with Heightened Senses, if the objective is purely visual, you still suffer a penalty, but otherwise Darkness and vision penalties do not apply.
Special: If your character has the Blind Hindrance, the required Rank is reduced to Novice.

Breaking Blow
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+, innate Toughness 6+*
When breaking an item with an unarmed attack, you gain the bonus damage for a raise and may Ace your damage roll. In addition, your unarmed attacks count as AP 2.
*”Innate” meaning a Toughness attained solely by natural Vigor and Edges, and not counting any bonuses granted by armor, magic, etc.

Bring It On!
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
You are trained or experienced at defending against multiple attackers. h e Gang Up bonus against you is reduced by 2.h us, three attackers gain no bonus, and five or more attackers only gain a +2.

Bring It All On!
Requirements: Heroic, Fighting d10+, Bring It On!
You are a master of defending against multiple attackers. Opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against you.

Careful Aim
Requirements: Veteran, Notice d8
Some men take extra care not to harm the innocent, and this character is no exception. When firing into melee, if this character misses on the attack roll and also rolls a 1 on the shooting die, then he does not fire the weapon. No ammunition is used, and nobody takes damage, but this is still considered an action for determining multi-action penalties. This also does not prevent a shotgun from firing when a 2 is rolled on the shooting die. See the Innocent Bystander rules for more information.
Dirty Fighter*
Requirements: Seasoned
Some will do anything to win a fight. The character is particularly good at tricks. He adds +2 to all Trick maneuvers rolls.

Improved Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8
The character is extremely skilled in tactical deceit. By describing the trick and spending a Benny, he may automatically get the Drop on any single opponent.

Disarm Mastery
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
You excel at removing an opponent’s weapon in melee combat. Make an opposed Fighting roll against your opponent. With a success, they drop their weapon. If you get a raise, the opponent is Shaken, and the weapon flies 1d4 inches away from the target. Roll a d12 and read it like a clock facing to determine which direction the weapon goes.

Distracting Defender
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
When discretion is the better part of valor, your skill at self-preservation shines. When you use the Defend maneuver, you may designate one opponent who does not get a free attack against you when you withdraw from close combat.

Improvisational Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d6
Heroes often find themselves fighting with pieces of equipment or furnishing not designed for combat. A character with this Edge has a knack for using such improvised weapons, and does not suffer the usual -1 attack penalty when wielding them.

Iron Jaw
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8
The hero gets a +2 to Soak rolls.

Martial Artist
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8
You have been trained to fight unarmed. Opponents no longer gain the Unarmed Defender bonus against you.
Your unarmed damage also increases to Str+d4. This does not apply to Grappling damage; for that, see Bear Hug.

Black Belt/Kung Fu Master
Requirements: Veteran, Unarmed Warrior, Fighting d10
Your hands and feet truly should be registered as deadly weapons. Your unarmed damage increases to Str+d8. This damage is not restricted by having a lower Strength die type, so even a character with a d4 Strength would do
d4+d8 damage with this Edge

Requirements: Character Creation, Spirit d8
Some people never give up even when things turn bad for them. When you spend a Benny re-roll a Trait test the second roll gains a +2.

No Man’s Land
Requirements: Veteran, Rock and Roll!
When providing suppressive fire, this character knows how to effectively cover a larger area. Use the large blast template instead of the medium blast template when using suppressive fire.

Photographic Memory
Requirements: Character Creation, Smarts d8
Some people can take a place at picture and instantly remember every little detail of it. Your hero is one of those types. Whenever a roll is required to remember something your hero has seen, they automatically succeed.

Requirements: Novice
Your hero has stumbled upon truth in the Savage World of Solomon Kane. The Game Master imparts important information to the player about the Campaign. This information should broad and overarching (e.g. all the spell descriptions, or ghosts can be harmed by emotion) to make the secret worthwhile. It should no t be a single small clue as apart of an adventure. The player has the option to share the secret to the rest of the party or not.

Shotgun Skeleton Key
Requirements: Smarts d8, Shooting d8
This character knows how things are built and exactly how to best use a gun to break them. When using a gun to damage an object, such as a lock, add +4 to the damage. The Game Master has the final word on when this applies, and on any additional effects. Most safes are designed to resist this sort of thing, and attempting to shoot handcuffs off of a friend might have disastrous effects.

Superior Defense
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8
You have learned some special techniques when focused purely on defense. When you use the Full Defense maneuver, you gain a +2 bonus to your Fighting roll.

Trademark Vehicle
Requirements: Novice, Boating, Driving, Piloting, or MCA Piloting d10
The hero knows the one vehicle like the back of their hand. Maybe they built the darn thing from the ground up or spend every hour behind the wheel, he adds a +1 to his Boating, Driving, Piloting, or MCA Piloting rolls when operating this vehicle. A hero may take this Edge multiple times applying to bonus to a different vehicle each time. If the Trademark Vehicle is lost or destroyed, the hero can replace it, but the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.
Improved Trademark Vehicle*
Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Vehicle
As above but the bonus when using trademark vehicle is +2.

New Edges

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