New Hindrances

Amnesia (Major)
You can’t remember events before a specific point in your life. The details are left to the GM, but may include additional Hindrances (such as Wanted) that your character is unaware of, forgotten family members, or perhaps unknown organizational ties.

Blackmailed (Minor/Major)
Your character is being blackmailed by another person or organization. As long as the hero plays ball with them the secret is safe, but he doesn’t, the secret is out. The payment of this blackmail isn’t always money, sometimes it is favors or worst. This hindrance is a combination of Dark Secret and Enemy. The points indicate both the level of the secret and power that the enemy holds over your character. Sometimes a minor secret is held by a powerful organization capable spreading it far and wide. Conversely, a big secret could know by a small time hood.

Dark Secret (Minor)
Your character has a secret that is discovered could be quite embarrassing to extremely deadly to the hero if it is found out. You will have to work it out the details about the Dark Secret with the Game Master.

Gullible (Major)
They say a fool is born every minute. You happen to be one of them.
Your character is easily tricked by others. They have a hard time telling the difference from truth and fiction. Your character suffers a -2 check to Notice to determine if someone is lying or pulling a fast one.

Lecherous (Minor)
If your hero is a man, he’s well-known in every local bordello. Polite society thinks he’s a pig, and “respectable” women avoid him like the plague. The lecherous hero has a -2 to any Charisma rolls made to influence these types.
If your character is a woman, all other women, respectable or not, call her all sorts of unpleasant names. She suffers the same modifier as a man around polite society (rare as that may be!) but other men might treat her differently, especially if the two of them are alone. Your heroine may never gain any real respect from “respectable folk” or be able to hold a position of authority if her sordid past becomes known
On the plus side, a female with this Hindrance actually gains +2 to any Persuasion rolls she makes to seduce a fellow. This can have its own consequences, of course, but it can be really handy in distracting guards.

Short Tempered (Minor)
Some folks just can’t take a joke, you’re one of them.
Your character has a short temper that gets her in trouble most of the time. She explodes at some of the slightest things. If that wasn’t bad enough your character suffers a -2 to resist test of wills check versus of Taunt.

Superstitious (Minor)
Owls never hoot “just for the Hell of it,” and black cats should be shot before they cross your path. You keep a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, and you rarely wonder why it didn’t seem to do the rabbit any kind of good.
Your character believes in superstitions and tries to live his life by signs and omens of portent. You should check out a book of superstitions from your local library to help you role-play this Hindrance.

New Hindrances

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