Arcane Background: Psionics
Arcane Skill: Psionics
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3
Power List: Beast Friend, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Elemental Manipulation, Fear, Invisibility, Obscure, Puppet, Speak Language, Stun, Telekinesis
Whether by natural talent or mystic training in Orient the character has powerful mental abilities. Psionics have few overt powers but excel at creating effects that cannot be traced to them.
Brainburn: When a psionic rolls a 1 on his Psionics roll his power uses the power points and does not work, but he does not suffer anything more than a headache. However, on a critical failure, the character screams out in pain and radiating from his body in a Large Burst Template an electrical storm of psionic energy that Shakes all targets unless they make a Spirit roll. This can cause a wound.

Aura Sight
Requirements: Novice, Sensitive, Spirit d8
This Edge allows the character to view another person’s aura to determine base emotional state and health. To use this Edge, the character enters a trance-like state and may take no further actions for a full 10 rounds (one minute) of game time. This Edge requires a Spirit roll, and if successful, the character knows the general emotional state of the target, such as Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused, etc. If a raise is gained, then he also can read the overall health of the subject, such as sick, weak, strong, etc. If two raises are gained, then he may tell if the person has a developing health condition, such as cancer, diabetes, etc. Each raise on the roll also adds a +1 to any healing attempt on the target.

Requirements: Novice, Sensitive, Spirit d8
This Edge allows the mystic to feel emotions of others, both spiritual and living. These emotions range from sad and angry, to happy and loving. This Edge requires a Spirit roll, and a raise allows the mystic to judge the depth of the emotion (weak, moderate, strong, or overbearing). If the attempt fails, the mystic is “blocked” and cannot make another attempt for 1d6 hours. Empaths also receive a +2 bonus to Persuasion rolls and when initiating a Test of Will.

Precognative Flashes
Requirements: Seasoned, Danger Sense, Sensitive
You see visions of the future when you come in contact with other sentient beings. These visions are of a highly emotional and usually dangerous event. The visions happen very quickly and are hard to decipher. When the GM says you are experiencing a Precognitive Flash, you must make a Spirit roll. On a failure, it takes you 1d6 hours to recall a general idea of what you saw. On a success, you see a vision, and with a raise, you gain more specific information. If you roll a natural 1 on your Spirit Die, you are Shaken from your viewing of the future, even if your Wild Die is still successful. On a Critical Failure, the GM may roll on the Fright Table to determine the effect on you.

Requirements: Novice, Sensitive, Spirit d8
By touching or holding an object (non-living thing) linked to a past event, your character may gain impressions or visions of the past. Make a Spirit roll to “read” an object. A success grants you a basic impression, while a raise provides more details of the event.

Requirements: Seasoned, Empathic
This Edge allows the mystic to “read” the thoughts of a person, spirit, or entity. The mystic must remain focused in a trance-like state for a full minute (10 rounds), concentrating on the target. This Edge requires an opposed Spirit roll. If successful, the character knows the basic emotions of the target at this time (see Empathic), and he receives an image of something relating to what the target is thinking on at that moment. (Example: Mary uses her Telepathic Edge on the captured killer, Slash Martin. She is successful and sees a vision of him hiding the body of his victim in a drainage ditch.) For each raise, more details are added to the image. This is not direct communication, and the images may seem confusing to the character. If the attempt fails, the telepath is “blocked” and cannot make another attempt on the target for 1d6 hours.

Telepathic Communicator
Requirements: Veteran, Telepathic
With this Edge, the mystic may project thoughts, ideas, and visions to another living being. The mystic must enter a trance-like state for a full minute, concentrating on the target. For every 100” from the mystic, subtract –1 from the roll for distance increment, and there is no penalty for using a touch contact with the target (holding hands, etc.) A success allows the mystic to project one “vision” or “word” to the target. Every raise increases the number of visions (images) or words. (Example: Jane, the telepathic mystic, is separated from her companions and is being held by a demonic being in the basement of the abandoned building the team was investigating. She concentrates on contacting Markus, her best friend on the team. He is one level above her, approximately 80” away. She is successful with one raise. She sends an image of the stairs leading to the basement, and a second image of her chained to a gurney in terror.) If the attempt fails, the mystic is “blocked” and may not attempt any further telepathic communications with the target for 1d6 hours.


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